Three Variety Acts

  • Two different classy football vintage freestyle act. Dancing lindy hop while performing all his football tricks a 100% choreographed to the music.

  • One hilarious comedy act.

1 Football Act - Friedrichsbau Variete

Comedy Act - Dinner For Fun

"A funny escape act"

Aargauer zeitung, Switzerland

3 to 5 Footballs juggling act - Palazzo

"Juggling footballs in the air while he keeps looking sassy" 

Sindelfinder zeitung, Germany

"Victor Rubilar demonstrates that he is not only a great juggler but also a gifted Charleston dancer"

Stuttgarte zeitung, Germany

"With his charisma and cheerfulness he sweeps the audience away"



Sport Shows

A multiple time award winning act. This show has been presented on TV in Dubai 4 times, on the Swedish and Turkish version of America’s Got Talent, and this is the winning act of the TV Talent Show “Rampljuset” . No matter if the show is a corporate dinner or in a football arena, he makes any event an unforgettable one.

Comedy Show

Victor Rubilar presents a show about passion, romance, dance, juggling and joy. Football as the excuse to find love.


Victor’s highly technical talents are sure to be taken seriously. With 20 international awards and 5 Guinness World Records under his belt, he delivers a unique and world class performance. But to not take himself too seriously, he also knows how to have a bit of fun and get the audience laughing with him. Victor combines juggling with footballs, dance and audience interaction to create a 30-45 minutes show that is a party on stage.